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Hey guys!

I got a lot of time on my hands seeming as I just finished University and I'm looking to build on my portfolio. Currently on the link provided there isn't much and the models are semi-outdated. I have some newer meshes I have been working on but not uploaded yet, glad to go through it with anyone and discuss matters further if interested.

With being at university and college I have gained experience in all areas of development and can provide proof of all. The Elder Scrolls is a great franchise and to be working as a team in my spare time on such a big thing is an offer I had to take up.

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Hi Acr

Hi Acr

I'm afraid that at the moment, there would be too much teaching involved if you were to join Skywind. We are only taking in experience people at this point. If you insist on helping, I suggest you take a look at making assets for Skyrim on YouTube, and try to get familiar with the asset workflow. We need assets that are at Skyrim quality as a minimum.