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[QA] Irritating pedant looking to be useful.....

My name's Graham, and I work for a e-commerce company, we produce, set up and maintain our own software that ties into mutiple sales channels, couriers, etc. I have been there for 6 years now, 5 years as an Implementations and Software specialist, and now as a process improvement specialist. That amount of time setting up software that ties into other companies software for a job has taught me a few things about hardward, software being a pain and debugging issues so the dev team can fix them. 

I have written mods for Oblivion using it's scripting engine (I realise that is not papyrus but it was the predeccessor) and I have so far done one mod for Fallout 4 though used no scripting at all in that. I also have a basic knowledge of C and C++, and can read SQL enough to usually work out what it is doing though I can't write my own. 

I have done playtesting for other RPG's before, but they were table top, not software based. I was one of the UK play testers for Fantasy Flight Games on WHFRP.

I have sunk many hours into Skyrim, and know my way round the console system, to be fair you had to if you played from the start. I love the Elder Scrolls games, and the way in which Skyrim improved the way in which you could interact with the world. What it was not able to improve on though was the feel of the world from Morrowind, and I would love to see that setting in the modern engine. I have been following Skywind for quite a while, mainly through youtube and the facebook page, but seeing you need some QA testers gives me a chance to offer a hand if you need it. 

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reply sent regarding other

reply sent regarding other areas of opportunity