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Is everything okay?

Before I even get started this isn't me complaining about the mod not being out already I just want to know if everything is going well and to have an update on how much of vardenfell is considered complete?

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Check out their Youtube page

Check out their Youtube page for development updates! 

It's coming out beautifully and if you subscribe to the channel, they upload tons of progress vids and occasional streams where you can watch it being worked on in real time. :)

I'm not going to guess at the percentage complete, but it is a MASSIVE project... just gotta be patient. The Youtube helps with that a lot. Every update looks *amazing*, but even if it was magically 100% built right now, it would still need bug testing, repackaging, and uploading, all of which could easily add an extra month or two. 

Yep, everything's great! Like & Subscribe TESRSkywindOfficial on Youtube~

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We have our own discord

We have our own discord server where we post progress, you can find the link on the main page of this forum. And you should check out our social media as well if you want to stay up to date on development.