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Will Skywind and Skyblivion be compatible mods?

It would be nice if we could play all 3 stories and their expansions in Skyrim, like a Morroblivyrim kind of deal. I'm willing to ignore the lore impossibility. ;)

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If not at release they will

If not at release they will be within a day or a month,simply bc people like me will want to play all three and will mod it in personally. Ive noticed both doing different things with leveling and handiling of perk trees, so a patch merging them and skryims (or ordinators etc) will have to be done, but it should be possible day one to travel to each via console commands, and via loading doors and alternate start mods within a week. Id suggest a clean install if doing so however, or a backup save incase something breaks with your main character. We will all see a few years from now I guess lol but thats my take on it all. I hope to write a vampire quest that takes the main character through all three games but thats in the far future.