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Quick Questions

1.In Morrowind I was able to enchant my shirt or amulet to conjure deadric cuirass constant efect ,is that possible in Skywind?is deadric armor hard to get as it was in Morrowind?

2.Is there amulet of shadows ?is invisibility main thief mechanic?

3.Is there spear of bitter mercy in Skywind?

4.Do we get that sweet free gold from telvani,hlalu and redoran vaults in city of vivec?


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I'm not someone who is

I'm not someone who is working on the game, but for questions 2 and 3, regarding the Amulet of Shadows and the Spear of Bitter Mercy, I would imagine that since those are things that were in Morrowind, they will also be in Skywind. I hope the rest of your questions get answered and that someone in the know will be able to confirm or refute the answers I gave for questions 2 and 3.