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Bero's Support quest

The Bero's Support quest for House Hlaalu says you must ask around Vivec City to find where Dram Bero lives:

10   Crassius told me that I should get the support of another Hlaalu Councilman. I should try and find Dram Bero in Vivec and get his support.
30   I was told that Dram Bero lives somewhere in the St. Olms Canton.
40   I was told that Dram Bero has been seen going in and out of one of the manors at the top of the St. Olms Canton.


I've talked to dozens of NPCs from every canton except the Temple and St. Delyn, and no one has any conversation topic for Dram Bero. Has anyone else ever found this conversation topic, or is it maybe a bug?

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I see what the problem here

I see what the problem here is: Dram Bero is involved in several quests, but the dialogue responses on where to find him are only present for main quest and Morag Tong writ, but not in House Hlaalu quest.

I'm pretty sure stage 30 is optional though, so you can just go see him if you already know where he is.