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[REL/WIP] Unofficial LGNPC Seyda Neen for Morroblivion alpha 2

Download: LGNPC_SeydaNeen_Morroblivion_alpha2.7z

Unofficial LGNPC Seyda Neen for Morroblivion alpha 2

This is an alpha version of LGNPC Seyda Neen, that has been ported to Morroblivion using Modexporter.

- AddActorValues OBSE plugin


Known Issues:
Some dialog choices are very long and will be clipped by the vanilla Oblivion dialog UI.  You may be able to see all dialog if you use a smaller font than vanilla Oblivion.  I have custom XML which allows for multiple lines per topic choice, but it is hardcoded to replace vanilla Oblivion dialog UI.  I'm experiementing with MenuQue command to insert the proper XML code into the dialog UI dynamically -- but I can't seem to get the Oblivion engine to use the modified XML template (modifying the XML UI components directly works fine).  If anyone knows how to edit XML template via MenuQue please let me know.

Change Log:

  • alpha 2: Manually fixed bugs from modexporter output related to rental house quest. Cleaned up ESP structure and dialog topics.
  • alpha 1: Initial release.

Original LGNPC Seyda Neen README:


                        The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

                           Less Generic NPCs Project
                        LGNPC Seyda Neen version 2.00



     1. Description
     2. Installation
     3. Using the plug-in
     4. Features
     5. Version history
     6. Compatibility
     7. Acknowledgements
     8. Copyright




     Less Generic NPC mods introduce unique dialog filtered for individual 
     NPCs that replaces the generic responses usually encountered and 
     create individual personalities and back-stories.

     LGNPC Seyda Neen adds new dialog and develops the personality of 
     every NPC in Seyda Neen.




     This mod consists of a plug-in module (.esp). and a readme (.txt).

     Unzip the mod into your Morrowind/Data Files directory, or manually
     copy LGNPC_SeydaNeen.esp into your Morrowind\Data Files folder.
     If asks to overwrite, choose [Yes].




     From the Morrowind Launcher, open Data Files and check the box next 
     to LGNPC_SeydaNeen.esp

     This plug-in depends on Morrowind only.

     It can be used with a new game or an existing saved game.

     Significant changes have been made in version 2.00. If you are 
     running a version of LGNPC Seyda Neen earlier than 2.00, you will 
     need to clean your existing saved game using a utility such as Wrye 

     Do not use with an earlier version of LGNPC Seyda Neen. This plugin 
     is a replacement, not a patch.

     It is recommended that you make a backup of your current game before
     using this plug-in. It may spare you much grief should you encounter
     problems or conflicts that result in your un-installing the mod.




     LGNPC Seyda Neen creates unique dialog for 24 existing NPCs. There 
     are over 800 new dialog entries covering 100 new and existing topics.

     Children of Morrowind ready - Adds dialog for parents of children 
     introduced by Children of Morrowind.
     Some highlights include:

     - An explanation for the unique friendship between Fargoth and 
     - A bed to rent for the night becomes available after the player 
       completes Vodunius Nuccius' official quest. The containers are safe 
       to use (no ownership and do not respawn).
     - The player receives a little appreciation for clearing out 




     Version 2.00

     - The remaining NPCs in Seyda Neen receive less generic dialog 
       completing what had been started.
     - Significant changes were made to the dialogue and personalities of 
       previously addressed NPCs.
     - The error relating to Darvame Hleran's gender has been corrected.
     - Restored Indrele Rathryon as the focus of the official Thieves 
       Guild/Bal Molagmer quest.
     - Cleaned NPCs of scripts added in previous versions to decrease the 
       likelihood of conflicts with other mods.
     - Added dialogue for parents of children introduced by Children of 
     - Established a permanent date-stamp for future updates and for
       establishing proper load order for LGNPC mods.
     - Re-numbered local reference index to reduce the likelihood of
       local reference conflicts with other mods.

     Version 0.30/0.31 [Wrye]

     - Cleaned dirty references
     - Cleaned NPCs of noLore script added in earlier versions.
     - Assigned the official Thieves Guild/Bal Molagmer quest to a 
       different NPC since it was not consistent with Indrele Rathryon's 
     - Fixed bug the broke the official Dead Taxman quest.
     - Extensive editing of dialogue with regard to spelling, grammar 
       and content.

     Version 0.2 [Joe Stevens]

     - Tolvise Othralen, Erene Llenim, Fine Mouth and Foryn Gilnith have 
       been given less generic dialogue.
     - Previously addressed NPCs have their dialogue expanded.
     - Fixed bug the broke the official Dead Taxman quest.
     - Edited dialogue for spelling and grammar.

     Version 0.12 [Joe Stevens]

     - Indrele Rathryon, Tandram Andalen and Draren Thiralas have been 
       given less generic dialogue.
     - Added ClearInfoActor to most new dialogue entries.
     - Fixed dialogue filtering issues.

     Version 1.00 [Joe Stevens]

     - Initial public release
     - Darvame Hleran, Teleri Helvi, Eldafire and Teruise Girvayne given 
       less generic dialogue.




     This plug-in depends on Morrowind only.

     Do not use merged dialogues.esp (from TESTool) with this plug-in (or 
     any other LGNPC installment)!

     LGNPC Seyda Neen has been cleaned with Enchanted Editor, date-stamped 
     and local reference indexes re-numbered with Wrye Mash. If you open 
     this mod in the game editor, use Wyre Mash to preserve the date stamp 
     and local object reference index:

          Date stamp: 6/19/2008/11:00:00 PM
          Starting local reference index: 52759

     Changing these values could alter load order and generate errors when 
     loading saved games.

     The global variable em_toddteen is shared with Children Of Morrowind. 
     This is not a point of conflict between the two mods. Rather it 
     assures compatibility with that fine mod.

     - "Vampire Embrace" by Cortex shares a dialog filter with many LGNPC 
       mods that could result in unexpected problems in both mods.




     All work was done by (in alphabetic order): Cyrano, Gax, Joe Stevens, 
     Ostar and Wrye.

     Seyda Neen represents the proof of concept by Joe Stevens to show 
     how Morrowind could be enlivened through detailed dialogue for its 
     inhabitants. His vision was the inspiration for the entire LGNPC 
     (Less Generic NPC) Project. From its humble beginnings in Seyda 
     Neen the project has grown to currently affect several hundred NPCs.

     Thanks to the Morrowind modding community for advice and shared
     wisdom, and Bethesda Softworks for providing the game editor that
     makes this plug-in possible.




     This plug-in is freely distributable and modifiable as long as this 
     readme file accompanies it and due credit is given to the original
     authors and other contributors of this mod.

     By downloading and running this plug-in you acknowledge the following:

     - That you have read, understood and accept the information in this
     - That you agree the creators of this plug-in bear no responsibility
       for damage to your saved games, and your computer hardware and 

     For LGNPC project queries please contact Cyrano: cyran0@earthlink.net


     The Elder Scrolls, Morrowind, etc. are property of Bethesda Softworks

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Looks interesting. How much

Looks interesting. How much of an 'alpha' is it, exactly? Looks like it would need some manual cleaning in TES4Edit, at the very least.

Also, this topic is not attached to any sub-forum, for some reason.

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It is 100% alpha in the sense

It is 100% alpha in the sense that this is the unedited output of the latest version of the modexporter.  A few lines of dialog need to be re-arranged, there's a bug in the byte-compiler that prevented one of the successfully translated scripts from being automatically compiled, a number of dialog scripts are incompletely translated because I have not yet implemented an Oblivion equivalent to a few Morrowind functions.  I would estimate that there is an additional 30-60 minutes of hand-tweaking that is necessary to get this mod to 100% functioning (that includes working quests).  However, even with all those issues, my playtests show that it is working about 90% correctly.

I know LGNPC Seyda Neen has been converted multiple times over the years already.  But since this is a pure modexporter output without any hand-editing, it serves as a proof-of-concept as to the feasibility of scaling up the operation to convert the entire LGNPC project.

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I just posted alpha 2.  This

I just posted alpha 2.  This version has properly formatted/capitalized dialog topics and a working quest to rent a bed from Arrille.  Since that quest and associated dialog our now active, this mod directly conflicts with qwertyasdfgh's Buyable Houses of Vvardenfell.

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I forgot to mention before

I forgot to mention before that AddActorValues OBSE plugin is required for the Morrowind_Compatibility_Layer to fully emulate the Morrowind NPC dialog behavior.  If it is not installed, Arrille's custom greeting dialogs for renting beds will not show up properly.