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Wanting to help?

The website is being setup so that you can find tasks to work on and contribute. If you find you are unable to find a task to work on, or how to go about it, then we use this is a filtering process to find out your resolve to be able to be a proficient and motivated contributor.

However, before you continue reading this page, take a look at the volunteer hub, to see if there is any work that matches your skills.

I want to help in a small way so that I can play the game sooner.

We’ve found that this is not really that helpful in progression of the game. We don’t mean to exclude, but you must bring some previous experience and have the ability to proactively motivate yourself with getting setup and understand how you can help by reading through the website.

Best way you can help is to already have experience with the Creation Kit and then select an interior to Clutter and Navigation Mesh.

Also there are a lot of Environmental Models and Textures that need to be done, so if you're a 3d or 2d artist, you can help by doing some of these.

I want to help because I really want to work on an exciting project.

We get a lot of new comers who are enthusiastic, but very few actually end up being contributors.

Big projects require an enormous amount of man hours to produce, and no project comes any bigger. We have the problem that our team invest hours into mentoring and often the project get nothing in return from those individuals. Lost hours, we have many, many lost hours. So the idea is that we make sure right now that you are not one of these people who will set the project back, rather than forwards.

This will depend on your experience and proactive abilities. There is very little initial mentoring, so your ability to work on a task will be entirely up to you. Can you figure out how you can help? Hope you can.

I want to help because I like spending a lot of my spare time working on a big project and I really like Morrowind and the concept of Skywind.

Really this is the only type of person that is going to progress this project in a way that means that we can establish set milestones for finishing the game. You can count these members on two hands, so it takes a selective type of person. We have have tens of thousands of sign-ups, so you will literally be that 1 in 1000 person.

This is the kind of people we really need in order to finish the game. There are many rewards to be had, and being part of a game development team now and in the future has exciting potential.

Please do not come to us stating that you will be “this person”. Only those that contribute month after month will be then be known as a core contributor. It’s actions not words.

The person is willing to spend time on the project on a daily basis through to its completion, can help in a much more progressive way. 3d and 2d artists can look at doing building interiors or becoming part of a work pipeline for producing textures and topologies.

Level Designers might be able to help with Landscaping.

We always need Scripters and Modders to do Quests, Game Mechanics and general Creation Kit work.

Coders are always welcome to work on specific tasks.

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