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Hi there

i would like to contribute towards the Skywind project by designing levels in the Creation kit.

I am fascinated about the aesthetics of the TES Series (especially the visual ones created by Michael Kirkbride and Adam Adamowicz) and set my personal goal to creating persistent visual environments that capture those and extent the TES world in a way true to its spirit.

Since Morrowind i have been modding TES Games, with various unpublished private mods as products. However i have been long term leveldesigner for Beyond Skyrim and contributed both Exterior and Interiors to it.

As i am now retired from this project, i moved my interests to Skywind and would enjoy to help you with this endeavour.

Since cave-type dungeons seem to be priority right now, you could sign me in for working in this department. I would not mind working on the exterior as well if required. I can get excited really for anything :)

best regards



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