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[Music] [Voice Chops] [SFX] [Sound Design] Looking To Help!

Hi my name is Joshua Tucker. Id like to start by saying Morrowind was my first introduction into the Elders Scrolls world and has since been a staple in my life in terms of games that I love and define me. One element of the game that did stick out the most was the music of Morrowind.

It would be a great accomplishment if i could offer a hand to the making of this game. Currently i use FL Studio and have been for the past 9 years. I am mostly familiar with EDM music but here is a sample of the most recent classical work ive made.


it is still in the works and i know it will be too intense for the mood of this game, but i guess its just to show you what i can do. the part im most proud of is at 1min 38sec.

so in the end, my question is if i could help with voice over chopping until i can produce a song worthy of the mood of the game. cause i can do chopping easily in FL Studio. 

also i could help with SFX and Sound Design if needed

Thank you for the opportunity hope you can find some use for me!

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Hi Josh, the music piece

Hi Josh, the music piece linked is not close enough related to the project soundtrack to be able to judge. If you're interested in SFX, some sample posted would probably be necessary or mentions of relevant experience to tweak Corpus' interest. Feel free to update your application if you can show more direct references to the sort of work you can produce. Cheers