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[QA] Experienced QA Tester looking to help

Hello all, 

         My name is Steve House, age 33 and I would love to join the Skywind QA Team. I have been a QA tester for VMC Global Beta Network Company for the past 3 years. We test top AAA games across all platforms (PC, Xbox One, PS4, Mobile devices). I can't say which ones because I would be violating my NDA. I have a deep passion for video games, The Elder Scrolls Series in particular. I love to dive deep into the RPG aspect of the game and explore all nooks an crannies. Morrowind is and always will be my favorite out of them all. I've been following Skywinds development closely and I saw your post on facebook asking for QA testers. I'm excited to even apply for this because of how much I love what I have seen being done within the TES Renewal Project Team. I would be honored to help and be a part of your team and contribute to this amazing game. I thank you for giving me this opportunity and I hope to hear from you soon!

           I've attached my PDF file from the application process. Please note that the part asking for proof of my experience...contains a link to a photo that I had to edit as it contains part of an email from VMC Global Beta Test Network. I had to edit it so that it did not show any information pertaining to the test mentioned within the email. Thank you for understanding!

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Response sent via PM

Response sent via PM