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[QA] Tester Willing to help

Hey guys, Josh here! Ive been involved in the Elder Scrolls loreverse since Hall of Torque was a fresh new website. Have been following since the days of Morroblivion. While I may not have the skills of some other QA members who may have had professional experience in the gaming industry, I have what is quite valuable: A HUGE amount of time on my hands. Most nights Im either modding, modeling or tinkering away at Skyrim, SecondLife or Starcraft II. Any help I can contribute to furthering this project would be a great honor. I think I may have clocked over 600 hours of Morrowind playtime both on Xbox (the original one with the fat controller! (black white black black black for health ^_^ )) and PC. While I did do some modding for it and Oblivion, by and large most of it was done as personal mods rather than published. The only thing I have of true note is that I was a side-author of a little known MW mod called Wakim's Game Improvements that was done with my friend/roommate.  

Thanks for your kind consideration! 

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