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Skywind Concept Art: Contributing and Workflows

Hello everyone. I am concept art department artistic lead, making sure all art we have in our game is fulfilling a common vision. Nexos is the organizational lead, seeing to what tasks need doing, and backing up all the concept art in the department.

Anyone who wants to contribute

Soon a thorough list of assignments needed will be compiled for devs - however, some tasks need to follow a workflow too complex to just give out to the inexperienced public, and I'd hate to see someone's hours of work to go to waste, so the assignments will be handed out personally.

We tried to have everyone get a chance at concept art, we really did. We can't afford that anymore, as the quality of design is something we need to keep on par with quality of 3D modelling, and the bar is high. Don't give up though, if you're stronger with pen&paper and have some good ideas, we can always use it as a helpful reference for actual concept art pieces.

There is another way in though - we are aiming to have at least one open task at a time. Things that don't need to be strictly limited by the world's rules and lore, or ones that aren't so noticeable that their design is crucial. These will be the tasks aspiring concept artists can get a shot at. Based on that, the concept artists with skills we need will be selected, and contacted.

So if you want to take part in this project, make sure to introduce your skillset and art before you take an assignment. That is - show us at least some of your work (most preferably TES or Morrowind inspired artwork). You can also tell us if you have any particular ideas for redesigning locations, items, or creatures, as a proof of your designer mindset. However best (and quickest) way to let us know you've got what it takes is to take part in open tasks, that will be posted in the forums, and often announced on Facebook.

Keep in mind, we're looking for things that not only look cool, but also fit the world, visual direction and lore of original Morrowind. Having an idea about these is always a big advantage. Michael Kirkbride inspired work is appreciated too, if worked in cleverly.

You have been chosen. What now?

Nexos or me will attempt to make contact, and find you work that suits your skillset and style, based on your portfolio and\or performance in the open task. The type of assignment can be negotiated, but only to a degree. Usually more important tasks are given over time, as one grows to understand our visual direction and ideas better and better, and we have more proof of their commitment and skill.

Got Work? Whom do I update on progress?

Whole community. After long discussions it has been decided that designs, different options and progress should be made public, so that everyone can participate in how the game will end up looking. However, that will produce usually around twenty vastly different ideas, and going with one or the other will aggravate everyone else. Yep, these discussions do get pretty heated up. So to avoid that, as a visual director of sorts (without payments and commercial structure titles are somewhat arbitrary, they're functions rather), I might make some final calls on design to my best judgement and taking all possible feedback into account. Just so that we can come up with a finalised design to present to 3D department in a reasonable time.

Obviously, you're allowed to also contact me directly. I don't pose to be a design or lore Alpha&Omega, but I can get you on the right tracks when it comes to Skywind's visual direction ;)

So, pens in hand, tablets in the other, and go!

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