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Possible race transfer?

Okay, I know that everybody is working hard on getting Vvardenfell & Cyrodiil into TES:V (and I am definitely looking forward to it!) but I must ask if it is at all possible to convert a Morrowind race mod to Skyrim. I would really love having these guys back!


They are gryphons: half eagle, half lion. As far as beast races go, these were the only ones I ever bothered using & would love having them in Skyrim.

Any ideas?

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I saw that no one ever responded to your post so I just wanted to answer, though by now you probably know the answer already.  I believe that Skywind is compatable with Skyrim mods but not Morrowind ones.  Also, the link you gave doesn't work anymore, I wonder if the mod has been moved to a different location or if it is no longer available.