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[WIP] Sleeping Giants Inn in Morrowind

I wanted to bring something from Skyrim into Morrowind. After pondering about it I decided to use a interior with no landscaping because I cannot recreate that (To my knowledge) in Morrowind.It took me about 45 minutes to convert the meshes and apply all the textures and place in the CS so they fit together. It works except I have a buggy texture problem that I can't seem to fix.

The texture file that I am having trouble with is located in Meshes/Architecture/Farmhouse/StoneFloor01.dds

For whatever reason I can only see a small portion of the texture and the rest of where the texture should be is just blurry stretched out lines or a grayish color gradient style thing.

I've only converting six meshes - the ones that make up the main body of the inn. These six meshes contain the floor so don't say "You're missing the floor meshes"

Below are some pictures of what it looks like. So anyways I seriously need some help fixing this problem guys. If you have any idea on how to make the textures work then let me know!