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Anybody looking for a professional video editor?
I'm not new here. A ways back I wrote idle dialogue for Nivos Drivam, Noldrasi Bedas, and an Ordinator in the Saint Olms Tanners and Miners Hall, as well as some for Syorvar Horse-Mouth. That was fun, still have everything I wrote and sent in saved on my hard drive. Looking forward someday to getting to hear it in game. Not that you guys should rush or anything. Your first priority needs to be your own health and well being. Take time off when you need it. Don't push yourselves too hard, no mod is worth harming your own health and well being. If it takes 10 years, or 20 years, or more that is fine. For as long as I'm still living I'll still be waiting happily, I've got plenty of things to occupy myself with. But lets get down to business. I've worked in video production professionally, and I have gone on to obtain an Advanced Television Post-Production Certificate. You can find here a commercial I shot and edited. https://vimeo.com/200624714 I also have a youtube channel mostly for things I put together just for fun in my own time. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC12Wv7hupQB1JMTa78oVfqA/videos I'm not just offering myself for the projects hosted here, but to anyone who might have use for my services in the community. I've done a trailer for someone's mod before already, as well as other videos showcasing mods.