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Granny says hi

Hi, I'm Grannyglam and I'm old af.

I have no skills whatsoever. I am a consumer; one of those people who buy and play a lot of video games. I totally blame my husband for this. He worked as a game developer and reviewer when we met and he introduced me to this enthralling world of games. He started me on NWN in 2002 and the addiction was instantaneous. So here I am. Playing games on a daily basis with my old and far from twitchy fingers. I do have a Twitch account, but I haven't come to grips with it yet. Don't really know how to go about it. Wouldn't be worth watching anyway, but I thought it could be nice to play with.

Morrowind is my favorite game. I have spent countless hours in it, created a whole family of characters and never finished it. Not even close. I feel that if I finish it it would be all over and I don't want it to be over. I can still start it and be awestruck over it's beauty even though it's a very old game by now with very poor graphics compared to modern standards. As I'm on PC I have modded it and it looks a lot better than the vanilla version, but still...

Can't wait for Skywind to go beta or even alpha test. I'd love to test the game in a new engine.

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Well thank you for the

Well thank you for the donation to support the site anyway.  Welcome!