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Greetings and salutations

Hello fellas! I was thinking of writing a proper boring introduction, but you've probably read too much of them. So let's spice thing a bit, with one of the best characters in The Elder Scrolls, shall we? 


Greetings! M'Aiq knows many things. You seek knowledge. M'Aiq has much. Some of it verified by actual facts!

This one is called M'Aiq the Liar. Sometimes others call him Emil. They say he has lived for 23 years, and he comes from Bulgaria. M'Aiq doesn't understand them. Most of all, M'Aiq doesn't understand why they call him a liar. M'Aiq thinks they are idiots.

What? You call M'Aiq weird? Weird. M'Aiq thinks you are weird. Why would anyone call M'Aiq weird? It's weird to think M'Aiq could be weird. More weird than M'Aiq being weird.

M'Aiq lives on this island, that you can see right under his feet. Some people say it's part of a country called Denmark. Much rain in Denmark. Enough rain. M'Aiq doesn't want anymore. 

[My trade]
M'Aiq is a liar. But M'Aiq doesn't know all secrets of lying, so he studies Computer Science. M'Aiq also practices the art of lying, by working as a web developer. M'Aiq loves what he's doing. Much better than reading introductions.

[Free time]
M'Aiq loves to travel fast across the land. Some lazy types take carriages. It is all the same to M'Aiq. He's glad he has a compass. Makes it easy to find things.
M'Aiq also loves playing a thing some people call guitar. He thinks the sounds from it are pretty.
And M'Aiq loves playing games like TES 3-5, Starcraft2, and RPGs. M'Aiq is always in search of good RPGs, yet finds none. Where could they have gone?

[Little secret]
M'Aiq loves to drink as well. Would you share a cyrodillic whiskey with M'Aiq? He loves whiskey more than sweet moon sugar.

M'Aiq would like to help, yes! M'Aiq volunteered to join a group of people called The coding department. M'Aiq loves the people of the coding department. Many interesting things they say to each other. He wants to join them, yet they say he's not ready. So M'Aiq is busy doing his assignments with a strange thing they call Creation Kit. The coding department also says M'Aiq has to learn a language they call Papyrus. M'Aiq never heard of that. He wonders, is it like Khajiit language? M'Aiq doesn't know, but he's learning fast.

[Little advice]
M'Aiq would love to make new friendships with interesting people like you. M'Aiq has heard it's dangerous to be your friend, but M'Aiq isn't afraid.
Do not be afraid of writing to him to say hello. M'Aiq is a liar, but he speaks the truth. Always the truth with you.

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Welcome Northbridge. I hope

Welcome Northbridge. I hope your CK/papyrus learning goes well.

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Comon man, that doesn't do M

Comon man, that doesn't do M'aiq Justie :D

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Hey North, very cool of you

Hey North, very cool of you to do the introduction. Hopefully you'll run through those tutorials in no time, and we'll get to see some of your scripting in game soon :)