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Hello - Noxfire - Public Page

Well, I've been around in stealth mode for a while now, and figured I would say "Hi".

I will be working mostly on the public page, and hope to be sharing a WIP soon enough. My goal is to get a Minimum Viable Product ASAP.

My vision of the public page (and please note it's not a final one). Is a marketing hub which will pull together all social media efforts in order to unify Skywind as a title/brand (not saying it actually is one). If anyone has particular ideas for the public page, feel free to send me a message. :) I am very approachable.

Also, people handling social media, feel free to message me, this roll all too often falls on people who have a different emphasis and can sometimes feel overwhelming; I'm open to discussing tips & tricks. I would love to tag tesrenewal.com with analytics in order to have a better idea of what type of traffic we are currently receiving.

I guess I got sidetracked, back to an introduction.

I'm a Entrepreneurship & Marketing B.S.B.A. and have worked for multinational clients in Direct Marketing (email) as well as Analytics,  I have worked some SEO & taken Social Media Marketing seminars, I've also designed a few websites using WordPress.

I have basic skills in Illustrator & Photoshop, studied C++ a long time ago (barely remember anything, as I dropped out of Game Development). I do however, consider I am good at communicating with both designers & developers.

I'm currently working as a Marketing & Sales Manager in a Real Estate firm. Usually not available on weekends.

If anyone wants a fresh take on anything, I'm always happy to help others brainstorm, particularly if its a startup idea (can be unrelated to TESR). Good at SWOT, Scamper, & Market analysis. Also love reading through business plans.

Well, once again, wanted to say Hi :)