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Hey there!

Hey fellow human beings, I just wanted to introduce myself, so if anybody cares, feel free to read it till the end or comment!

My name is David, I´m 20 years old and I live in the southwest of Germany. Concluding that German is my native language, my English skills might not always be perfect, but I give my best to make it comfortable to read! :)

Of course I am a "gamer", especially the "The Elder Scrolls"-games fascinate me, that´s why I landed here in this forum about a year ago, and today I decided to sign up and find out what´s going on here! Additionally, I would like to contribute to the Skywind project in some way, but I don´t have any development experience, not yet.

My other personal interests are different: I do some sport, especially (semi-professional) dancing (Tango, Foxtrott, Salsa etc.) for the last four years, and played Badminton for a even longer time. I also read a lot whenever I have some free time as well as I write own texts.

At the moment, I´m beginning my studies at the university of Tuebingen here in Germany, lets see if that works out for me!


If you have any questions about me or my life or about anything else I might help you with, feel free to ask me!

Greetings from Germany to all the users here!