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Hi new here

Hey all I have been following the progress of this amazing team now and seeing how amazing of a job the TES Renewal Project is going blows my mind every time I check out an update. I only just got around to joining the site, but I am happy to be here and in anyway I can I would like to support with the lacking skills in computing that I have. Even though I am lacking on the PC front now due to the last one breaking on me I am am making sure I get a new one just to experience this amazing work you all have worked on and I can't wait to experience them all when they are all released. I am a big RPG fan and my dream game would have the best elements of Morrowind, Oblivion, Final Fantasy Tactics and Dragons Dogma. But hey nothing is perfect but this team doing the projects on this site is an example of what perfection could be like in the RPG gaming world.

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Welcome JF

Welcome JF