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RedFangs appears!

Hi! So I've been told this is the hot spot in this season?

So for the introduction I'm RedFangs, also known as RougeCrocs, NeRethil,... the list of my aliases goes on and on, but I try to keep them up to date...
I'm an Elder Scrolls fan, played Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and Online. Actually I'm especially a lore junkie. Can never have enough of these books. My Skooma has wiki pages on the label.
I'm 27, and am coming out from the EPAC - That's Professional School for the Contemporary Arts. In French. And then acronym. Anyway, graduated in Illustration, have touched a bit of modeling and texturing but yeah, not my specialty. And I write a bit. Quite much actually. Hem...

Anyway, I'm really interested in the Project, watched it afar since a few months and here I am, yet another guy here to be amazed and maybe give a hand =D