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[REL/WIP] Morroblivion Computer-Generated Voices BSA

This is a BSA version of the mod originally created by Sjors Boomschors.  Original thread is here: https://morroblivion.com/forums/morroblivion/mods/2322


Adds computer-generated voices to over 90% of the dialog in Morroblivion.  There is a single male and female voice used for all lines of dialog.  The voice files are only created for a single race (Imperial).  Install the voicefile_redirector OBSE plugin to make the Oblivion game engine play these cg-voices for all races.

This version of the mod is packaged as two BSAs instead of thousands of individual mp3 files.  The performance gains for slow systems and non-SSDs is minutes to hours during the installation process.


Install BSA files manually or with a mod manager.  Install voicefile_redirector.dll to hear cg-voices for all races.  If you want to use this in conjunction with the voice-acted mod, just install BSA versions of both mods and the voice-acted one will automatically over-ride the voice files in this mod (based on filename sorting).

Download linkMorroblivion+CGVoices+BSA.7z

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