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Boots of Blinding Speed - Bugged?
In Morrowind, the boots of Blinding Speed made you fast, but they also made you blind. In Morroblivion, the boots just make you faster. I understand from my research that it is not possible to add blinding spells into Oblivon. Are the boots of Blinding Speed being totally beneficial a bug in my installation, or is it just a limitation of the Oblivion engine? Also, one a more holistic note, would you consider it cheating to use the Boots of Blinding Speed in Morroblivion?
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I just checked in the

I just checked in the Construction Set and that does seem to be the case: The boots of Blinding Speed give you Fortify Speed but no blindness.  Since the lack of blindness is really do to the lack of support by Oblivion rather than the intended design of either the Morrowind or Morroblivion makers, my personal vote is that using it in the current form is an "exploit".  Whether or not you consider exploits as cheating is up to you, hehe.

However, now that this topic is being revisited, I wonder if we could apply/make a VFX shader which does blind the player when the boots are worn?  We could make a script which works with Oblivion Graphcs Extender / Oblivion Reloaded to modify the Depth Of Field shader to give you severe myopia enough to be legally blind.

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Yes we may.
Yes we may. However as there are some people still using OBGE instead of OR, I think this may be done targetting ScreenEffect if I'able to port it to OR
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Might adding a mesh just

Might adding a mesh just before the camera fix the issue (even the simplest textured quad will do)? / but will not work in 3rd person view.