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Skyrim Home of the Nord Ported problem.


I have a problem with generated Sky_Main.esp. It loads ok into my game but then creates a crash to desktop when going back to main menu.

I used ModExporter Feb 2020 + Mods for ModExporter 2020 + OpenMW 0.45.

I have installed TR Data 7.0 and SHOTN 19.03.

My Morrowind game is freshly installed with just TR 19.12 and SHOTN, all BSA registered.

ModExporter is doing is job fine... but as soon as i include this esp in my load order, it doesn't want to go back to main menu from a loaded (clean) save. It also does it from a new game started in Morrowind.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm still working on the

I'm still working on the updated tutorial for Tamriel Rebuilt.  Once that is done, I will work on a compatibility patch for SHOTN.