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Morroblivion Fighters Guild Expelled Strategy

Here is a strategy I used to get around from getting expelled from the Fighters Guild twice in Morroblivion. Ok towards the end of the quest line you are given Orders to kill the Fighters Guild Guildmaster Supporters. If you kill either of them yourself you get expelled which I did. I cleared my name and then I was given the Orders to kill the Guildmaster himself so I walked right in and took him out. This resulted in being expelled a second time and when I went back to become Guildmaster I was recognized as being Guildmaster but also expelled and it didn't show up that I was a member of the Fighters Guild in the Factions list. Luckily I had saved my game just outside the Vivec Fighters Guild so I told myself OK this can't be right and I reloaded that game. This time I Taunted the Guildmaster into attacking me and I lured him outside into the Plaza area where there are Guards. The Guards saw what was happening and the took care of the Guildmaster for me and I didn't get expelled. When I got back I was recognized as the Guildmaster and it showed in my Factions lists. I just thought I would share this strategy incase others were having the same issue because it got me through and save your game often.

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