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Fox Companion Rey

Version 1.0 This is just a reworked version of Grumpy's and Emma's WOLF COMPANION 3.1, using Kartikeya's Red Fox, done on request at Kagz's forums. Look under the Seyda Neen lighthouse docks. credits: Grumpy: original Wolf Companion scripting Emma: original Wolf Companion dialog Kartikeya: origina Red Fox texturing from Cait's husky Cait Sith: original Husky mesh Kagz: idea, story and book Abot: messing with sounds, scripts & dialog (some fox sounds from http://www.findsounds.com) see included readmes for detailed info on originals. Many thanks to sieboldii for the bug report! http://abot.silgrad.com/guppy/file/FoxCompanion.zip

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