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RainBows (Three NIF Files) By: DaleStocker@hotemail.com What it has: 1. Rainbow_SI is (Self Illuminated) 2. Rainbow_TR is (Transparent) This one is the same transparency throughout. 3. Rainbow_FI is (Transparent that Fades in from bottom) 4. Rainbow_SIS is (Self Illuminated solid) 5. Rainbow_S_?? (are the same as above but in smaller vertions) The Transparent ones need some light very close to make them look good. Made Large outside one but did not like the way it worked. The distance made them get cut off even at the farthest video setting. These are not place in the world. They are for you to place in the world as you like. I have put a few in Sylph_Trib1_R (the Outfit Version with Ressurection) as a test for meself and will add it here to the Zip. I will be placing the NIF's in the \Data File\Meshes\Sylph\ subdirectory, but you can put them were you need them for your mod. Texture in Texture. I would like to than Fernelf for her motivation and input, and dongle for the quick texture. The Sylph Site is at http://ca.geocities.com/dalestocker/ Thank you and I hope you have fun. :)

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