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This is for you gamers that don't think the last saved game is fair to use till you finaly make it past that monster, with no regard for how many times you die. With this MOD, when you die you go back to your start. Yes, the magical Amulet teleports you back to the temple on your death and there they ressurect you. There will be a 200gp bounty added to you for payment of the ressurection. You can pay the guard on the way out if you like or wait. The priest at the temple went through all your things when you were dead, and mark those items you have stolen. The guards will take them if you don't get rid of them first, and maybe even your picks. There are some other people that you can pay that will not and if you know them you even get a dicount. You will be given a extra 10 hit points on start as a buffer zone. You see, you will be teleported out as the last killing blow hits and given back some hit points on ressurection. You may not get all, but you are safe. If however you passed the 0 hit points mark and your dead body is teleported you will still be resurrected but the game magic will stop working. The god's laugh. So you have to save and them load the game to get it back. Press F5 then F9, or you could play a world with no magic casting, could be interesting. This mod dose not stop you from using your last saved game, but is intended to make the game more life counscious and challenging. You can still play the main story line by going to Seyda Neen and talking to the Captain.

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