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more tresure

More_Tresure (Tribunal Version) From : DaleStocker@hotmail.com Mod has: 1. Two new gem types, Saphires and Amber 2. Four Enchantable gems types. Four Light gem. 3. Three new paper types and adjustment on game paper weight. 4. New shop in Balmora (Were else) called "Gem Dealer" (What else). Sells the gems and some other nice things. 5. Adjustment of gold that (Should) be given out on people. Seems to me that all the bandits are broke. 6. Adds tresure to some monsters. 7. New gold ICONS only. 8. Nice Dagger. 9. Small adventure of a very fine lost gem. Low level and good for a starter to get money. Notes: To install just unzip to the DATA folder, everything should go where it is needed. Put what I could in SYLPH subfolders as this will be were I put all my MOD things to keep my system orginized. Did not for Textures as I have not figured it out yet. New version of SYLPH will be out soon I hope as well as some other things. This MOD should be balanced and was made to address the lack of some of the gems and enchantable items as well as selling things. There are some other things I would have liked to change but the work is beoynd this MOD. That is the fact that magic items are very cheap, both to get and sell if you make one. There is a real gap here in the game. Anyone know of a MOD that fixes this? Have fun and change what you don't like. Let me know what you do. :)

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