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MC2.0-DHF Compaitiblity v0.7 Beta

A patch for making Morrowind Crafting 2.0 and Dave Humphrey's Furniture mods cooperate with each other. This is an unfinished mod; please only download if you're interested in testing. Changes and Additions --------------------- - Changed all prices and weights to match MC2 (ongoing) - Made all MC objects work with DHFurniture ring (ongoing) - Reduced DHFurniture ring price to 1 - Added furniture ring to Seyda Neen, Balmora, Vivec crafting merchants - Allowed anvil to switch from new to worn and back - Added collision to DHF benches - Added large barrels to furn stores in Balmora and Vivec - Added 24 beds to MC, including 3 previously uncraftable styles - Replaced DHF cheap Dunmer bookshelf with straight version from MC - Changed value/weight of MC 'cheap chair' - Added collision to dhf chairs - Added a previously uncraftable chair style - Added a chest type to DH furniture stores - Split chest construction menu into Small and Large - Added a previously uncraftable chest style - Replaced DHF cupboard with mesh from MC - Decreased capacity of most DHF containers (a few increased) - Moved cushion sewing to submenu - Added large (original MW-style) cushions to crafting - Added collision for large cushions from DHF - Added rotation to DHF shelf movement script - Added 'single' movement speed to DHF ring - Added a previously uncraftable shelf - Made second spinning wheel type work with MC scripts - Replaced statics of second spinning wheel with activators - Added ability to craft standing spinning wheel - Added a previously uncraftable stool - Added collision to dhf stools - Added "Faux Antique" (original MW) tapestries to crafting system - Added square sack to crafting system - Fixed bug with v.5 loom script

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