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Dwemer Personal Music Player

Description: This Plugin adds Dwemer Personal Music Players to morrowind, the Dwemer Personal Music Player allows the player to listen to their own choice of music at any point in the game. The player can choose from 20 music tracks, the Dwemer Personal Music Player also has a random music track function as well. Please Note - You must supply your own mp3 files for this mod! 4) Known Bugs ------------- The main bug is that when you select a music track the ingame music volume will reset itself back to full volume, this is not a problem with my scripting....it is a problem with the game itself and there is nothing that can be done to fix it (unless bethesda decides to fix it in a patch) Also DO NOT LET A NPC GET HOLD OF THE DWEMER PERSONAL MUSIC PLAYER !!!!!! If an NPC gets a Dwemer Personal music Player in their inventory and decides to equip it, then it will crash the game... this is because the music player brings up a menu when it is equiped and NPC's cant use menus !!!!

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