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The Five Toes Guild

General Storyline ================= Down the hill from the silt strider in Seyda Neen sits a house. Inside the house is a strange and mysterious man who needs your help. Will you give it to him? No? That's some attitude you've got there. You may find that there are some surprises in store.... Modification Information ======================== There shouldn't be any problem with modified NPCs, but I cannot guarantee that any of my buildings do not conflict with other mods. The only building I added to an existing town is the shack in Seyda Neen, tucked mostly out of the way. This plugin was made with patch 1.2.0722 in place. If you get error messages about that, just load it into the Construction Set, Save, and then Exit. That should fix it. I am not aware of any "bugs" but feel free to report any, or just your opinions to vandermast@wildmail.com

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