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Laura Craft quest mod

Laura Craft Romance and Adventure version - TRIBUNAL required (Author: Emma, Movement script: Grumpy, with further enhancements by The Other Felix) SPOILERS for anyone who gets annoyed when the quests don't show up as fast as you want them to: The quests should show up at the following places in the following order: 1) Balmora (Lauras disposition +60) 2) Vivec Foreign Quarter's Plaza 3) Ald'ruhn 4) Vivec Foreign Quarter's Plaza 5) Ald'ruhn 6) Vivec 7) Balmora Mages Guild 8) Sadrith Mora 9) Balmora 10) Sadrith Mora 11) Caldera 12) Balmora 13) Vivec 14) Sadrith Mora 15) Balmora 16) Ald'ruhn Every quest has to be finished in order to make the next one show up. There is also an extra quest connected to Laura's basement. also there is a head pack and hair pack with it

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