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Moving Mudcrab

I remember I was able to move Mudcrab into my house in Balmora.  I forget the exact details on how I did it.  I had posted the exact steps I took on the Xbox forums on the Microsoft site, and Microsoft has since deleted the entire Morrowind forum there.  Thanks a lot, Microsoft!

Anyway, I do remember creating custom spells to cast on Mudcrab to make him follow me, and it was a bit of effort to get it all done. 

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Download a Spell from www.Tesnexus.com called ShinyFollowMe you can use it In Chameleon on any Creature or NPC Take them anywhere come in Handy if you want to put  a dozen in the middle of Town to Gives the Guards some thing to Do has a Dismiss Spell as well

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Xbox Version

I was playing on the Xbox.  I did create my own spells though to get Mudcrab to follow me. 

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This is how I moved Mudcrab (Xbox version)

I found my notes that I wrote 9 years ago on how I moved Mudcrab! Enjoy!



Ths is the story of my first encounter with the talking Mudcrab. After reading about how other people moved Mudcrab to Caldera, I decided to do a similar thing and move Mudcrab to my house in Balmora.  I knew this was going to be a challenge. This was all done on the Xbox version of

Now, why would you want to move a mudcrab?  Well, it turns out this particular mudcrab is special one. He's actually a merchant, and the richest merchant in the game at that.  You can sell him $10,000 of stuff every day.  He's like an ATM machine. The only problem is, this mudcrab is located at on remote island. Very inconvenient.  So, the need to move him closer to take advantage of his buying powers.

Hlaao Manor is Balmora is my "Headquarters" in Morrowind. I
*cough cough* took over the house for this purpose.  The house has a large room with tables and bookshelves to lay out your treasure, and lots of crates for storage of other items.  Not to mention the dead body in the room which can be used as a bottomless storage

First thing was to do before going out to Mudcrab is to create custom spells, which will be used to move the critter:

Mudcrab Spells

Command Creature 5 levels for 2 ft on Touch
Command Humanoid 5 levels for 2 ft on Touch
Soultrap for 2 secs on Target

Fortify Speed 50 pts for 2 secs in 2 ft on Touch
Levitate 1 pt for 2 secs in 2 ft on Touch
Soultrap for 2 secs on Target

I also had these generic spells:

Calm Creature
Command Creature
Fenrick's Doorjam (to lock doors)

Next step is to find Mudcrab. I teleported to Vivic through the
Mage's Guild. Using my Levitation Ring, I flew off
towards the island. This was going to be my longest flight since
obtaining Azura's Star. I lost my bearings along the way, and I
somehow ended up going in a circle, and was back up at Vivic. I
then tried it again. This time, I found the Ald Sotha ruins along
the way, and headed due east to the Mzahnch ruins near Mudcrab's
island. I found the ruins, and then traveled along the southern
coastline, being on the lookout for a small island. I finally
found him.

I talked to him to verify he was the right Mudcrab, and he was.
I cast the COMMAND 5 spell on him which I had created
especially for this trip. The spell has to be cast next to
Mudcrab, not on him. If you cast it directly on him, he
will be angered and start to attack you.  I cast the spell
next the Mudcrab. The spell seemed to take, and a white halo
appeared around him. But Mudcrab was enraged, and started to
attack me! So, apparently, I cast the spell too close to him.
I wasn't expecting this, so I elevated above him. I then
decided to cast the Fortify Speed/Levitate/Soul Trap spell.
That seemed to take as well, and now there were two halos
above the crab. But he wasn't levitating, and he was still
angry. I didn't know what to do. Should I cast the command
and levitate commands again? I did that but to no avail. I
then decided to cast a Calm Creature on Mudcrab, and he
calmed down. So, at this point, I'm wondering if I somehow
messed up. The crab goes wandering off. When he gets to a rock,
he elevates himself up the side of the rock. Ah, so the
levitate spell did take! I then cast the Command/Soul Trap
again, and I now have an angry crab chasing me.

So I take off towards Balmora, off to the northwest. The crab
follows me, but he is only about 6 feet off the ground. I was
concerned because I knew higher terrain would be coming. We
came to a hill and he climbed up the hill, and I navigated
him around trees. Finally on one hill, he climbed up a ways,
and then got caught up on some rocks. I had to position myself
to turn him around and get him loose.

Finally, we reached a long straight stretch, and I zoomed
ahead, with an angry crab mincing his pinchers behind me.
But to my chagrin, I went too far ahead, and when I looked
back the crab was not in sight. Did I lose him? I flew back,
and spotted him, which wasn't hard because of the two halos.
He had gone north, and was heading up the side of a mountain.
I let him go up, as he was gaining altitude. Finally, he got
stuck on a rock near the top. I cast the command spell again,
and again he became enraged, and started to follow me. By
now we've passed over a few cottages and saw some people
on the ground. What a sight that must have been, watching
us fly overhead!

I then went West, expecting to find the river, and then
follow that up north towards Balmora. We went by the Fort,
so I knew I was close. I figured I would just drop in front
of my house (Hlaao Manor), and lead him in through the door.
So I landed in Balmora with crab in tow. Only problem was,
I got my bearings screwed up and landed on the wrong side of
town. I now had to navigate Mudcrab through the town at ground
level. I also then discovered at this point that if I cast
the normal Command Creature spell on Mudcrab, he would follow
me without being mad - but the spell only lasts 30 seconds. I
then led him across the bridge, up some stairs, where he got
stuck. People got in the way, too. At one point, I was
contemplating killing a person blocking the crab's way to
free him up, but fortunately, the crab managed to get by.
Down another street, and Mudcrab got hung up on some crates.
I got him off the crates, but the Command spell wore off, and
he started to run off in another direction, so I cast the
Command Creature to get him back on track.

Finally, he is in front of the house. Great! But now I realize,
I don't know how to get him through the door.
I went through the door and looked back - no crab. I went back
outside, and Mudcrab was scurrying away. I chased him down and
cast another Command Creature. I led him back to the door, and
got him as close as I could to the door. I went through the door,
and this time as I enter the room, I notice a pair of huge
pincers above my head. I run forward and turn around, and
there's Mudcrab in the room! Success at last!

Somehow though he had elevated himself again. He was scurrying
around the room at about 6 feet height. He went to the stairs
and got stuck in the stairwell, and I had to lure him back. I
then did a game save.

So, feeling Mudcrab is safe and secure, I reload the game. The
game reload should remove the levitation effects on the crab.
I then go off to Caldera to get my potion stash in a crate next
to Creeper. I sell $5000 worth of potions to Creeper and head
back towards Balmora. Upon arrival to my Balmora house, I find
to my surprise that Mudcrab is on the street in front of the
house. He had gotten out of the house on his own! He's moving very slowly though. I lure him back in the house. Now I cast a lock spell on the door from the inside (first time I've used that spell), and then proceeded to sell $10,000 worth of potion to Mudcrab.

So now Mudcrab is a permanent resident of the house. 
Mudcrab wanders around the house, even going upstairs on occasion, but he never leaves the premises.  I create potions ($10,000 worth) and sell him to Mudcrab every day, building up my gold.