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Tempus Fugit

ABOUT THIS MOD: Adds to the player a magic item, allowing to change the game time/real time factor at will. It is not intended, nor has a lot of use for cheating, as real time combats/operations are not time scaled. Its purpose is to allow a more realistic and immersive experience for the role- player (especially if you use it with "reality-enhancer" mods), or to explore the beauty of the game engine accelerating the speed of dawn/sunset cycle, or to admire the passing of the seasons... Technically speaking, it is just an in-game interface (admittedly simpler than "set timescale to xx" console command for the common user) to modify global float TimeScale. KNOWN GLITCHES: Timescale factor counts with the Oblivion flora animation. Also, due to some not- so-good programmed events in oblivion, sometimes lowering the timescale under a 8/10 value can lead to problems (I.E. doors not opening...). if you experience such problem, first thing you should try is simply increase the timescale to be at least 10. http://abot.silgrad.com/guppy/photo/tempusfugit_img/tempus_f... http://abot.silgrad.com/guppy/file/abotTempusFugit.zip

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