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[2D] & [WRITING] Application
I'm primarily looking to apply to create concept art or possible texturing, if that is a separate department than modeling. I have the ability to work in both traditional and digital mediums, and a very good scanner that would allow for my files to be extremely high res when needed. I don't have any writing samples currently, but in the writing department I would be willing to write quests. I feel like that I could still do very well in this department because of my experience as a DM/GM running my own games with stories and worldbuilding all written by myself, as well as my familiarity with the Elder Scrolls lore. I've always loved Morrowind and how it doesn't try and 'rearrange the furniture in Tolkien's attic' as so many fantasy settings tend to do. There's so many unique and interesting things that the story of Morrowind explores and goes into, and it's one of the reason that I'm so interested in contributing to this project. Any questions, please let me know!