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[3D][CREATION KIT][ANIMATION] [CODING] Mastering computer skills and looking for more projects
Hello recruiters, my name is Earl. I have been following the updates on skywind for a few years now but at that time I had no skills to assist. I have novice skills and hope to contribute in anyway I can. I need to admit I have not mastered many of these skills. Most of my knowledge is self learned with most projects unfinished but nearly complete. For example a skyrim dungeon with a decent layout and navmesh. I have several self created, rigged, horribly paint weighted but still animated models. Including an extracted Jiub to which I have trouble properly stitching together. I have experience in java, html, and C++. I would expect to learn lua or papyrus for this project. My time is limited because of recent college enrollment, and I also expect to be given a task to prove I can even complete projects to completion. I think the best scenario for you to use me to your best advantage would be to assign something of moderate challenge for me to complete. Then I will show the finished product and see if I am ready for the task. Thank you for your time.
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