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[Production] Producer for 2 years, looking to join in !


My name is Matt, I am a 27 years old french producer, and i saw the "job offer" on Facebook today about some Producers wanted.

I'm a huge Skyrim and Oblivion fan (Morrowind goes back a bit too far to call myself a true fan ^^), so i have been looking at this project of yours for quite some time, and when i saw this add, i thought that i could finally, maybe, be of some use.

I've been a producer in a french studio (Artefacts studio) for almost 2 years, worked on some DLCs for Moto Racer 4, and the Switch Adaptation of both Moto Racer 4 and ATV Drifts and Tricks. I started working on a new game this week, as well.

Also, I am the R&D project manager of my company, leading a team of 5 those past 2 years. We are used to using Trello (task managing tool), Mantis and other tools (One Excel to rule them all :P ). I am very interested in game design as well, so i've got a bit of an eye for it, working with our GameDesign director on several issues these past months. 

As i said, I'm French, so my english might not be perfect, but i hope it's good enough to work with you guys, as i think it would be a great experience ! 

Thanks for your time.



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