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[QA] Quality Assurance Application

Well then, Dark Warrior Valikyle is here. I am applying for a position in your teams QA department. I wanted to see if my skills would be of any help to this team's roster. I like MMORPG's, RPG's, ARPGs, JRPGs, (have you noticed a trend yet)?, and many more genres that I don't care to list. wink* In all seriousness Morrowind was a childhood game that hits close to home. I still play like a fanatic even to this very day. Went back and played Daggerfall, and enjoyed that quite a bit as well. Anyway, in terms of experience I do have beta knowledge and routine down fairly well. Knowledge in the CK, TES5Edit, WryeBash. Hope to be hearing back from the team. \o/ Praise the Sun bois.

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