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Quality Assurance


I've been interested in helping out with Quality Assurance for a while and had also gotten into contact with Revan, on Discord about a month ago, but I had some unexpected troubles at the time.

I'm fine now and, if permitted, am willing to help however I can with QA a couple days a week for extended periods of time.

I live in the CST timezone, in the U.S., to clarify, if such is important.

I'm an avid gamer and I work at a tax office, despite my young age, and I'm used to working with people (also despite my introverted nature).

I'm not an easily frustrated person and I really try to grind things out before I admitting that I have to concede, if necessary (I'm a bit stubborn when I'm presented with a challenge but that's not to say I don't know when I'm beat).

I appreciate your time in possibly considering me to help, and I hope you have a good day.

- Neko-san

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Thank you for the App, Neko. 

Thank you for the App, Neko.  We'll get back to you soon on next steps.