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[SD] Undertone sound design and SFX application


My name is Undertone, but you can call me Pierre,

I'm a nineteen years old French audio engineer student, I've spent countless hours playing Morrowind, O​​​blivion, and Skyrim since I'm a kid, I'm a musician since I'm a child and I often find myself creating atmospheres and SFX, I LOVE sound design.

I got super strong skills in mixing, editing, recording, and in production, I've worked with many audio professionals and learned the very best from them. 

I'm working on Pro Tools and Ableton Live in my recording studio and I'm super super keen to help in any way !

Here's some of my SFX : https://soundcloud.com/blurryeyes/skywin-sfx-demo-spells-und...

And one of my most recent "musical" mix : https://soundcloud.com/yates-xv/long-time-coming-prod-undertone

Thank you for your time and consideration !