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[WRITING] Eager to help with the Skywind Project

Hi there! I'm a new writer, but I believe I'd be able to help the writing department tremendously.

I am able to write for interesting characters and involve them in equally interesting quests. I may not have a huge amount of experience writing mods but I do have a small amount of experience with the Creation Kit so I may be able to implement quests if I need to.

I have a little bit of experience writing quests before implementation, my most recent project being an updated version of the Beauty and the Bandit quest to show that I am able to make quests from Morrowind feel more modern and intuitive and also give them some depth where I feel it is necessary. 

Best of all, I am passionate about these games and I would love to see Morrowind's alien charm combined with Skyrim's equally charming simplicity. I am sure I would be devoted to the project if I was given the chance to write for it.



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