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Feature request for dead npc's and vr

Hello !

I really loved morrowind as a kid, but now the bad graphics do tend to be visible more.

That said, morrowind is a verry good game. And i did read somewhere sometime ago that the renewal wants to make npc that could do a quest in the future un-killable.

I remember i killed some people i used to need in quests , which was frustrating. But disabling this ability is taking away the freedom in the game, which i think is to be valued a lot.

Therefore i would like to point out the possibility of an in-between option. Let all npc's be killed, but if someone is needed for a quest. Add a place somewhere where it is possible to revive the dead npc's for an extreamily expensive traid off.

This would not make the quest be gone forever and also does not take away the freedom or difficulty level.


Another thing, it is possible on windows to edit a dll file to be able to play morrowind in virtual reality. This would be awesome for skywind.

I hope my idea ( if new ) will be taken seriously, because i really think it is a good one.


Regards !


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Id make essencial NPCs

Id make essencial NPCs protested, that way only the player could kill them to stop EvE deaths of someone.