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For anyone who wants to help

I created this topic ages ago, but I don't see reason to not expand it. U don't need almost any skills in drawing. Like in real life most people which do graffiti like that, don't have any special art education. You don't need even digital drawing tablet to draw so it is even better. Just try to be lore-firendly, do it in B&W and add additional version in png, then is ok. If u don't have software it is ok too. U can download GIMP or Trial of photohop or painter, SAI.... and so on. I think devs deserve for more variety in this topic, so if u want to help, you will be welcomed. Of course to keep everything in one place, post your ideas in this topic.

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Krita is another free digital

Krita is another free digital art drawing program that people could use!  This tutorial is very helpful in learning how to use the program.  http://www.davidrevoy.com/article185/tutorial-getting-starte...