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Getting into the creation kit, Where to go next?

Hi I've been following Skywind and Skyblivion for a while, and recently I've had a lot of freetime, so I think I could try and learn the creation kit during this time, and hopefully(but not likely) be good enough to at least help with Skywind or Skyblivion's development later on. I've watched a few tutorials for the creation kit, but rather than just watching videos I'd like to set a goal for myself. I'd like to remake a dungeon from Morrowind or Oblivion, to make myself learn from, even if it isn't high enough quality for Skywind/Skyblivion. What would be a good dungeon to try and remake for a beginner? Thanks!

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The problem with aiming at a

The problem with aiming at a Morrowind/Oblivion dungeon in Skyrim's Creation Kit is that you're going to need new custom assets. I'd recommend you make a new Skyrim dungeon of your own with the assets you already have. Or a couple of exterior cells, well done and cluttered. 

It'll get you used to the CK, while not requiring you to learn 3d. Our landscaping department generally asks for a Skyrim dungeon/level as a proof of skills. 

Hoping I've answered your questions.