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New Path in the main quest:Ally with, or betray, Great House Dagoth
As many of you know, the moral ambiguity is one of Morrowind's greatest strenghts. The lore is great with all those books about culture, religion, past events. You may shape all kinds of thougts about your role and who you think is right and who you think is not... ashlanders, Tribunal temple, Dagoth Ur? Do you believe the Prophecy? Are you a tool of the Empire or some gods? The point is: all of the above is only in your head... You have no support ingame to take a path or another, apart from the excellent backpath in the original game. What I suggest is to take inspiration from the superb Great House Dagoth mod. You can google it. It made possible all sort of choices in how to deal with the main quest. Side with, or then also betray, Great House Dagoth, and more than a couple of different endings. And, in addition, what about a character not trusting the Prophecy and grabbing Moon and star straight on? it would be a path for a character devoted to the Temple. Then he could be directly invited to Vivec himself to discuss his plans. Such a Great lore is a waste, almost, if your character is not allowed to use it to take different paths, supported ingame, according to his beliefs. Don't you agree? A rp game should give different ways to handle the quests, especially the main one, and Morrowind is so suited to that, because the lore is the perfect foundation upon which a branching structure for the main quest can be built. I remember Todd and co. had to discard the idea because of time deadlines but they would have implemented it otherwise.
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