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Oblivion connection?

Are the devs planning on implementing a few Easter eggs connecting to Oblivion and possibly Skyrim? I don't mean actual spoilers or things that don't make sense in this time and place in the Elder Scrolls.

But I was thinking along the lines of placing a single Sigil Stone in a locked chest at Tel Fyr, he seems like the type of guy to have one :)

It would be the only one in the game but it would give the entrepreneuring player a chance to instantly enchant a weapon or armor.

Another such example is the Daedric Shrine where you are transported to with the amulet stolen from Tel Fyr, inside you fight a Daedric Lord to get the Daedric Crescent. But since the shrine isn't accesible from the world map it's obvious that the developers meant it to be a place in Oblivion.

So maybe for this instance it could actually be a place in Oblivion, it would make this encounter more lore friendly and exciting!

What do you guys think, or are there already some planned Easter eggs from the devs?