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Special Request


my name is Tobias Weber and I write for the German gaming site Video Game Lab (www.videogamelab.de). We have a Morrowind Special in a couple of weeks with videos and articles shown every day for 1 week + a big review and podcast at the end. This is why we would love to capture some gameplay/Screenshots from the upcoming SKYWIND. We know its not out for public release and still in early stage, but would love to use it for our special.

We understand if this cant be realized due to public release. Please tell us what you think and sorry for the bad english.

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Hi Tobsesan, we've released a

Hi Tobsesan, we've released a bunch of screenshots to PCGamer, and deutsch EuroGamer recently. I'd suggest mining their sites for material plus our facebook/youtube pages for footage. After doing a big push for media like that, we're probably going to not be producing new content in the short term in order to focus on development.

If something does turn up though, there's a good chance we'll PM you, but I don't want to get your hopes up. Cheers