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Suggestion: Dedicated Blog / Media Website

I find the Skywind project could benefit greatly from the added exposure of a dedicated Blog / Media website. Essentially a website that only has articles, videos, and small but constant updates (once a week). Large game developers usually separate the product from the forums (just a few examples; League of Legends, WoW, Dungeon Defenders). This is particularly more important in Skywind’s case where the forums are a powerful development tool used mostly by the team.

While these forums are great (kudos… really :D ), they are not the most user friendly option for someone who is simply seeking out information on Skywind; (I can only guess the amount of “when will Skywind come out?” posts).

A media website serves as a hub that connects all social media efforts (good job on that front) and multiplies their effectiveness. Said website would decrease the ‘noise’ in these forums; allowing higher quality content.

A media website should of course be linked to the forums, and advertise the need for volunteers. Such website would by no means replace this one. If desired a donate button could be added (linking either to Thermador or Squally’s donation page; as very little $$ is required to maintain a regular website).

I have created a mockup of what it could look like (don’t be too harsh, just put in an hour).

Mockup Website (I will take it down Tuesday – Or earlier if requested). It’s most definitely not an official website (and it’s nearly impossible to find accidentally).

I wouldn’t suggest using that particular theme; used it mostly because it allowed quick building. Copied content from your social media.

I’m posting this here just as a suggestion; I’ve recently posted on the volunteer section and am still waiting for an official answer. However, should it be me or somebody else, I still highly suggest this. I could host such a website for cheap out of my own pocket; not looking for money.

I will be posting a second thread regarding SEO and Analytics; it would apply to a media site as well. Tied to this site I would also suggest a Newsletter (but will not get into details for the moment).

I also want to add, an honest thank you for all your efforts, its beautiful to see a project such as this one. :)

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we have had internal

we have had internal discussions about this and while we really really want it to happen we just do not have the resources nor skills required to put together a proper website.

Having a dedicated skywind website would be fantastic too, since we could put all of the news there, Links to sign up for a beta when the time comes and host all of our media in gallerys. But yeah. We just don't have any web developers on our team.


I would love to talk to you about getting you the stuff so that you may set up a proper site for us. I own a server which we can host the site on, And i can get some of our 2D artists to help get all of the images required to get it looking really nice.

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I meant to get back to you

I meant to get back to you sooner Nox, but I've been a bit preoccupied with IRL stuff as I just got back from traveling. 

As Erik mentioned, we've had a project running for the exact thing you mentioned. We had a guy on it, but as it currently stands that site has been under development since February. Which means its probably not going to happen. Most ideas and functions for the site were fully fledged, and was just waiting to be carried out. I'll send you a message so we can get started soon. 

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Is this still in the works or

Is this still in the works or has it fallen by the wayside?